Web Developer

Game Zone

Gaming e-commerce website with reviews and screenshots of upcoming games.

Unitec Critique Website

An alternate webpage for Unitec Institute of Technology to suggest better user functionality and critiquing the usability of the current Unitec website.

Unitec Multimedia Application

A multimedia web application to enable users to choose courses for Bachelor of Computer Studies pathways and solve math problems using FabricJS.


Screenshots of websites built for academic projects.

Web Development

I have a wide range of skills in front-end development (HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, JQuery, Responsive, UX) and back-end development (PHP, ASP.NET, Worpress, Drupal, MySQL).

Web Design

Design is an essential aspect in web development. I possess skills ranging from Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver) to Google Web Designer.

Software Development

I also possess understanding of the Software Development Life Cycle and Agile Methodologies. I’ve developed academic projects across Java (Enterprise, Spring, JUnit, etc), C# and Android platforms.

About me

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I’m a web developer and designer based in Auckland, New Zealand. I’m also the co-owner and editor at Currently working as a Junior Developer (Independent Contractor) at Contagious NZ.